*Spa Review Alert* Sharq Village & Spa - Doha, Qatar

I am completely blown away by this spa! I arrived just before sunset and was taken to the “Ladies Only” portion of the spa. It’s Ramadan so eating and drinking is forbidden during daylight hours, all good because I received some ginger tea w/honey & a snack right after my treatments. The decor was BEAUTIFUL, staying true to the Doha culture & sparkling clean! The hot water jacuzzi & cold water plunge pool water is fabulous, I had the whole place to myself! The sauna was super hot & the steam room smelled like Arabian Oud. There where two cold towels thoughtfully placed out for me with rose 🌹 petals on them to cool me down from the sauna. My therapist came to get me for my “Royal Hammam” treatment. She took me into a room with a heated marble slab & it’s own private steam room! She had me step into the steam room completely naked as she began to reverently wash my entire body with black soap! She washed my entire body like I was a new born baby, her touch was soooo loving, careful & professional. At first I felt like I should help her, but then I surrendered to the royal treatment. I felt like Hakim in the movie “Coming to America” as she washed my body with glee. She then had me lay on a warm marble slab as she literally scrubbed every inch of my body with a hand glove. It hurt a little but, now I have ZERO dead skin on my body, after that she escorted me to another therapist who first washed my feet in rose water & scrubbed my toes with a fresh lemon before my massage! The massage was Exceptional. I fell asleep a few times. The services here is unmatched by all. This was so far the best spa I have ever visited in my entire life. The hotel staff then gave me Arabian coffee and some dates while he grabbed me a taxi.

- the decor is a MUST SEE!
- The facilities were 5 Star! 
- The price was reasonable.
- Attention to detail was superb!

- My neck hurt a little 45 mins. into the Hammam because it’s a marble slab with no head rest, only a towel which got wet during the session. My face rested on a wet towel 🤷🏿‍♀️ but all good!
- No other cons, just fabulousness!