*Spa Review Alert* Hillbrook Inn, Charles Town, West Virginia

*Spa Review Alert*

It was bed & breakfast with a spa nestled in the mountains of West Virginia. Very rural & quaint on the outside, newly renovated perfection on the inside. The spa had a very “down home country” vibe, but at the same time offers a contemporary and super professional touch.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a spa host. I was surprised to have not been offered any water, tea or anything at all upon entry especially looking at their price point. The basic relaxation massage was over $100 for 50 mins. and the facial was over $120. The spa was simple and elegant. I prefer more flavor in my interior decor, but I appreciated it for what it was, being in the middle of rural West Virginia.

The massage was excellent, she started me face up and did a wonderful job on my neck and shoulder muscles. She really dug in there for maximum healing! The massage table was very comfortable. It had a table heater and could be adjusted with the push of a button. The staff made sure my coconut oil allergy was a non-issue, and adjusted accordingly.


- The place is spotless! Almost like they don’t get many appointments in a day. 
- The sheets appear pristine & freshly ironed
- The service providers were very knowledgeable & thorough.


- They really need a sauna. 
- The drive to the spa is on nothing but winding roads & you may lose cell phone service on your way there to make GPS a bit tricky, but a beautiful drive!
- They didn’t offer any tea, hot towels or refreshments. 😩 When I was walking out she handed me a warm bottle of water to go. Not the classiest thing. I would prefer some hot tea or fruit water. 
- The price point was too high for what I received. 
- I didn’t see any spa robes. 
- The facility is very basic.