*Spa Review Alert* Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives

The attention to detail was astounding. I was greeted with the coldest most refreshing towel w/sweet orange aroma and a cup of COLD ginger tea. Perfect for the 100° weather. My robe, slippers and a pair of disposable underwear there waiting. She washed my feet in warm water garnished with flowers & and foot scrub. The massage was so relaxing. Only thing, she missed my arms. 😳 Afterwards she walked me into the steam sauna which was nice & hot. It was clear the flowers were fresh off the island trees. Sooooo natural!

2nd visit was a Shirodhara! A male therapist from India escorted me into the room. He first washed my feet then placed me into a chair for a wonderful head massage.  He places a cloth over my eyes then began to slowly drip hot oil on my forehead continuously for an hour. A “Third Eye” opening experience! I went deep into a trancelike meditative state. I went outer body for sure! The oil smelled a bit odd, but I rolled with it. Afterwards he waited outside while I took a super hot shower.

Imagine a water villa facing sunrise for 4 nights. I had my own personal pool. The accommodations are a “must see” for your lifetime. I watched the sun rise in the morning and the full moon at night.

- 5 Star luxury 
- The water villas were over clear blue water! 
- My personal butler Shanin was amazing! He did a mini photo shoot and took me snorkeling! 
- The entire staff knew exactly what I needed. It’s like they studied me before I arrived! 🤔
- High speed internet, perfect for work!

- The food had great presentation but tasted horrible! 
- Prepare to spend $200 per day on food.
- The restaurant staff rushed me out after dinner, I spent $200 on dinner, you would think they would let me sit for a couple of more minutes? 🙄