Aromatherapy with Ma’ati Spa in Winston Salem, NC

Aromatherapy is the systematic use of highly therapeutic essential oils or plant essences to maintain and promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Visit Ma’ati Spa today to have a new, relaxing experience. Aromatherapy was identified in the early 1920’s as a form of complimentary medicine and although Aromatherapy is a word that is misused and rather abused today as a marketing ploy, it is still a well-respected way to contribute to a healthy, natural lifestyle.

What is Aromatherapy?

For decades, our ancestors made use of nature’s garden for medicinal purposes. Flowers, fruits, herbs and a variety of plants were all used for treating every kind of ailment. Today, aromatherapy is an extension of this ancient way of treating certain physical and mental ailments. At Ma’ati Spa in Winston-Salem, NC, we provide comprehensive aromatherapy treatments.

Aromatherapy can be used to treat headaches, stress, hair loss, poor circulation, insomnia, high blood pressure, memory loss and so much more! When booking your aromatherapy treatment, we determine what kind of essential oil will be best suited to solving your problem. You are welcome to select your own essential oil if you have an idea about what you need, but if you are unsure, allow our aromatherapy professionals to advise you.

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Upon your request for aromatherapy, we won’t just use any essential oil for you. We will ask you a series of simple questions to determine the right oil for your problem area. Feel free to choose what appeals to you, or just tell us your problem and we will recommend one for you. Aromatherapy can help with headaches, stress, falling hair, circulation, insomnia, high blood pressure, loss of memory, and more.

Essential oils are highly volatile substances that are found naturally in aromatic plants, flowers, roots and trees.

These oils are to plants what blood is to us; the life-force and hormonal elements of the plant that assist in carrying oxygen.

Each plant essence is extracted from its botanical source through many different methods. The main and most effective method is distillation or cold expression.

Our Aromatherapist has to be very selective when acquiring essential oils, making sure that they are completely natural, therapeutic and un-adulterated.

The different types of essential oils we use for aromatherapy:


Lemon | Clove | Lemmongrass | Grapefruit | Rosemary | Celery | Spearmint | Lavender | Tea Tree | Peppermint | Chamomile | Eucalyptus | Geranium | Rosemary | Thyme

Our above selection is sure to cater to your every need. Should you have a more unique requirement, we will do our best to source something different for you.

There are a variety of methods by which aromatherapy can be performed. It can be applied during massage, incorporated into a hand bath, and inhaled by use of candles, diffusers, humidifiers, room sprays and water bowls. Feel free to choose a treatment according to what appeals to you, or ask our experienced aromatherapy staff about which would be more suited to your specific reason for treatment.